Roman Baths Virtual Classroom

We may have been unable to visit the Roman Baths in person but we were able to explore the baths and learn about them in the virtual classroom. We were told all about the history of the baths, from when they were made, right through to when they were filled in with rubbish and then discovered again during the Victorian era.

We were shown objects that would have been used by the wealthier Romans whilst at the baths and we were invited to give our opinions on whether they were artifacts or replicas. Some of what we discovered left us questioning some of the choices the Romans made – face cream made from sweat, olive oil and body hair, for example! We really enjoyed the session and learnt a great deal!

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Roman Dance

We have been learning about Roman history through dance including the discipline required to be a part of their military. We also explored the arches and columns present within Roman buildings as well as towns and well known structures that they were responsible for.

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We have been exploring magnets further and have been using what we know about magnetic metals to help us magnetise objects. We have been considering what metals must be present within the structure of an object in order for it to stand a chance of being magnetised. We also began to ask questions about how an object can be magnetised and why this only happens temporarily.

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Forces and Magnets

We have been investigating magnets and considering key vocabulary, including:

  • repel
  • attract
  • poles
  • materials
  • properties
  • magnetic field
  • response
  • observe
  • describe
  • identify
  • predict

We have been looking at how magnets work, why different ends of the magnets repel or attract, what materials a magnet will stick to and what makes a magnet magnetic.

We finished the lesson by making our own compass!

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Brân, an Iron Age Celt

This week we were visited by an Iron Age Celt, who told us about what life was like for his tribe.

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Iron Age Foraging and Cooking

We foraged some of the ingredients to make boiled nettle pudding the way that the Iron Age Celts would have!

What did you think of your boiled nettle pudding?

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We have been learning how to use a compass in order to give and follow directions. We have also been using compasses alongside OS Maps to explore Goodleigh, moving from one place to another, trusting our new-found skills.

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Mountain Landscape Felting

More pictures of the amazing mountain landscapes made by classes three and four.

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Misty Mountains Home Learning Project – Week 2

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Misty Mountains Home Learning Project – Week 1

This family member of a child in Class 4, is an emergency paramedic out on a rescue mission over Mount Ruapehu!
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