Class 3 – This Week in Class

This week in class the children have been using drama to explore and retell the story of ‘Gregory Cool’. The book has tied in nicely with the work we have been doing on the different traditions and cultures of other countries.

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Class 3 Paignton Zoo Visit

Class 3 were given the opportunity to explore Africa through a workshop run by Paignton Zoo. They had the chance to get up close and personal with a range of amazing objects including the skeletons, teeth and fur of some of Africa’s giants!

We also spent the day exploring the zoo and visiting the animals, many of which are from Africa!

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Class 3 – Cultural Champions

Today we were visited by one of the Cultural Champions who taught Class 3 all about the African culture. We experienced African stories and dances, whilst incorporating African animals.

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Kwik Cricket

We took part in a Kwik Cricket tournament hosted at North Devon Cricket Club. It was great to see so much encouragement among the teams. We enjoyed competing against other schools and relished the challenge!

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Wye Valley YHA

Class Three had a wonderful time on their residential to the Wye Valley this week. We were lucky enough to have amazing weather all week. We had a lovely day spent canoeing along the river, stopping for lunch at Monmouth before canoeing back again.  We learnt archery and orienteering skills as well as survival skills such as shelter building and making fires. The setting was beautiful and we were able to see a range of wildlife including getting up close to some deer. A very memorable week spent working together as a team.


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Trip to Burton Art Gallery

Class Three enjoyed a trip to the Burton Art Gallery yesterday. We were greeted by our guide for the day, Julian. We talked about Picasso and learnt more about him and his art. We had the opportunity to look around the gallery with our ‘Picasso eyes’. Looking at how Picasso would have viewed these objects and we then tried to draw these objects as he would.

We also painted portraits in the style of Picasso using volunteers to pose whilst we sketched.

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We were looking at prisms and lenses to see how they can split white light up into the colours of the rainbow. We got some strange effects taking photos with them!

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Kwik Cricket

We have been enjoying learning the skills to play Kwik Cricket. We have been practicing our over arm and under arm bowling as well as developing our batting skills.

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Pin hole cameras

We made some pinhole cameras out of tin cans. We decorated them and made a list of rules for using them, to make sure that we don’t hurt our eyes!

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Yesterday, Year 5 enjoyed learning new skills in Volleyball. Denise Austin, a champion in the sport, was there to instruct the children on how to learn to become coaches. The children learnt the rules and how to become referees as well as helping each other to develop their own skills.

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